What is in Vegan Protein?

What is in Vegan Protein?

What is in Vegan Protein?

You’ve probably heard that vegans can’t get enough protein through the day, so how exactly can you follow a plant-based diet and still hit your protein goals? 

What is in vegan protein? 

Vegan protein is a plant-based supplement made up of various protein sources that grow naturally from the earth. Typically you’ll find pea, hemp, soy or fava beans as the main ingredients as they have a high natural protein content. These sources are rich in amino acids and can also help lower blood pressure.

Does it contain enough protein to help me recover and build muscle?

Pea protein is high in BCAAs like Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, the three muscle-building amino acids. A serving of vegan protein contains roughly 21g of bioavailable protein that can be used to aid recovery and grow new muscle tissue. Studies have shown similar muscle gain results in trainees that used pea protein compared to whey protein after resistance training. 

Is Vegan Protein right for you? 

As most plant based diets are lower in protein due to their lack of animal products, its important to find a healthy source of natural protein that is convenient and easy to take. For anyone following a vegan diet then this is an essential product to help you achieve your fitness goals. If you are trying to lower your dairy intake for either environmental or digestive issues then vegan protein is a great choice.