Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Joining the Gym

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Joining the Gym

Ten Mistakes to Avoid When Joining the Gym

The gym can be an intimidating place, with equipment you’ve never used or exercises you don’t know yet. But you needn’t be scared – read through our 10 mistakes to avoid and you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Thinking Other People Are Watching/Judging You

They’re not. Most people are thinking about themselves, what’s for dinner, how to work the machine they’re on, why they are tired, or that everybody else is watching them. Again, they’re not. Just go in and enjoy yourself. If anyone looks at you it’s usually in admiration or to try and learn by copying you. 

Trying to Do Too Much All at Once

When you start out in the gym, you’ll think that you need to do everything to see changes, when in actual fact it’s the opposite. 

Beginners get the fastest gains and more bang for their buck, so you can get great results with moderate workouts. Think of training as ‘doing what you can recover from and go again regularly’ rather than killing yourself and not being able to walk for days. 

You don’t need to do 1000 reps, just do what you can on that day and then increase gradually over time. You’ll be more consistent and get better results.

Avoiding Free Weights or Machines

Resistance training is a great tool for anyone wanting to change the way they look. Many people avoid weights because they either think they will get bulky, injure themselves or it’s not the right tool for weight loss. Resistance training not only burns calories but also increases lean muscle which will help shape your physique.

If you have never used free weights before it can be a little daunting, thankfully nowadays you can download 100s of apps that will show you what exercises to do and how to perform them safely. 

Not Putting Your Equipment Back

We’re all adults here, and it should be a simple one, but so many people still expect others to put their things away. If you use something, wipe it off and put it back where it belongs. This includes things you found out of place – if you used it put it back where it should be, not where someone else dumped it. Tidy gym, happy gym.

Doing Hours and Hours of Cardio

If your goal is to lose weight then your aim should be to regularly exercise, but don’t just stick to calorie counting cardio kit, mix up your workouts. Yes, cardio can burn fat, but so can HIIT, resistance training, bodyweight circuits and yoga. The best way to keep progressing in the gym is to vary your activities and try to improve from week to week. 

Try one day of weighted circuits, one day of cardio, one of HIIT and one yoga class and you’ll feel the benefits as well as see them.

Not Packing Your Bag the Night Before Gym

Trust us on this one – if you want to go to the gym before work the next day then pack your bag before you turn in and lay your gym clothes out next to the bed. If you try ot do this in the morning when you’re tired and you will power isn’t quite switched on, you will usually end up hitting the snooze button. Get ready the night before and prepare yourself for success.

Always Go to the Gym with a Plan

This follows on from point 6 that if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail. Not knowing what you’re going to do leads to doing less or sometimes nothing at all. It is always best to follow a training plan (there are free ones online), work with a trainer or take part in a class. This not only ensures your time is well spent but will keep you progressing on the right track towards your goals.

Not Staying Hydrated

Did you know that 2-4% dehydration can result in a 20-40% decrease in performance? Not drinking enough water before, during and after your workouts can have a huge impact on the work you are able to do and also your recovery. 

Aim to drink 2-3L of fluids a day for women, and 3-4L for men.

Standing Too Close to The Weights Rack

This one is just in here because it’s a little annoying to other users. If you are trying to get into the weights rack and someone is standing there doing bicep curls in front of the mirror it’s often difficult to get around them. 

You’ll see people breaking this rule all the time, so if they are just wait until they’re finished their set or ask them politely to step back.

Not Enjoying Your Workouts!

If you want to keep going to the gym consistently then it’s important to pick something you enjoy. The best form of exercise is the one that you will repeatedly do, so try to find something you like or do it with people you enjoy being around. 

This is the true key to fitness success.